Meil on kutsikad!

22.04.2016 sündisid kesk-aasia lambakoera kutsikad! Rohkem infot siit: Kutsikad 

01.05.2016 sündisid siberi husky kutsikad! Rohkem infot siit: Kutsikad

We have Central Asian Sheepdog puppies! More informationd here: Puppies

We have Siberian Husky puppies! More information here: Puppies

If you are interested Central Asian Sheepdog puppies or Siberian Husky puppies, please contact us by e-mail montza@hot.e or by phone +372 56 496 115 or +372 50 92424

Tere tulemast meie koerte koduleheküljele! Welcome to our dogs website!

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